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My principal focus as a doctoral student and junior faculty member was in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science. From early on, partly under the influence of Kim Sterelny during a Vacation Scholarship at ANU in Canberra while and undergraduate and Frank Keil in my first year of graduate work at Cornell , I thought of the philosophy of mind as strongly informed by the philosophy of cognitive science, and that, in turn, by the philosophy of science, something reflected in my early publications.

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I maintain active research and teaching interests here, despite having worked on a number of other topics since that time. In general terms, my interest in mind and cognitive science have broadened from a focus on traditional issues to include those at the intersection of philosophy of mind and biology, group-level cognition, and the philosophy of psychiatry.

Outstanding Title, Choice, December Explanation and Cognition , Cambridge UP, Paperback Outstanding Title, Choice, April Lycan ed. Stainton, M. Ezcurdia, and C. Supplementary issue 30 of the Canadian Journal of Philosophy , pp. Candlish , Australasian Journal of Philosophy 66 June , pp. New York : Routledge, pp. Thousand Oaks CA: Sage, pp. Gangopadhyay, M. Madary, and F.

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Spicer eds , Perception, Action and Consciousness. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. Tsohatzidis ed. Miller, Jr. New York: Routledge, pp. London: Macmillan Publishers, pp. Warfield eds Blackwell Guide to Philosophy of Mind. New York: Blackwell, pp. Volume 10, Vancouver Studies in Cognitive Science. Keil and R. Wilson eds , Explanation and Cognition. Modified version of 2. Hardcastle ed. Wilson and F. I taught my first class in the philosophy of biology while there more than twenty years ago, and have maintained both research and teaching interests there since that time.

My most recent interests cluster around anthropology and kinship, eugenics, the interface between mind and biology, and biological individuality; I have recently completed a book manuscript, Relative Beings , on kinship that I hope to see published in My coauthors in this general area include two outstanding former graduate students, Matthew Barker and Joshua St.

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Species: New Interdisciplinary Essays , Barker , Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. U of Chicago Press, Barker and Ingo Brigandt , invited paper for issue of Philosophical Topics 35 1 and 2 : Wilson ed. Philosophy for children has been a strong, driving interest of mine since I was an undergraduate, and philosophical and moral issues connected to disability have emerged in much of the work I have undertaken in the past 10 years. While my philosophical activities in other areas has involved its share of professional involvement e.

Workshops, public talks, and grant administration sigh subsequently occupied a disproportionate amount of the dividend pie and in my daily life. The core of the work here has been highly collaborative, and would not have been possible without the shared leadership shown by John Simpson and Jason Taylor in the philosophy for children , and by Gregor Wolbring, Erika Dyck, Nicola Fairbrother, and Moyra Lang, and our team of about 80 people—more than half of whom were students—in the Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada project Founder and Director, Philosophy for Children Alberta, p4c.

John Simpson and Dr. Jason Taylor — Community-University Research Alliance project, leading approximately 80 team members colleagues, students, community members. Antwerp-Apeldoom: Garant Publishing, pp. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, pp. Workshop for Eurekamp Counselors; 3-hour workshop for 20 camp counselors, Edmonton, Alberta, 3 July, Philosopher in Residence.

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Leo Nickerson School, St. Albert, September, Taught 36 hours of classes 3 hours in each of 12 classrooms , grades , over 10 days. First philosopher in residence program in the Edmonton area, and taught jointly with Dr.

John Simpson. Finally, I have systematic research interests in a few other areas, particularly within metaphysics and the history of modern philosophy esp. Locke , and I simply list the publications here. Also published in E. Frankl Paul, Fred D. London: Routledge. Please contact me if you are interested in graduate work in Australia in this area or any others that I have published or worked in. My roles directing Philosophy for Children Alberta and the Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada over the past ten years have involved a lot of work informally mentoring students, teachers, and others through workshops, employee supervision, directed studies, and research assistantship direction.

Stanford , Georg Theiner Ph. Anthropology, Chicago. I have also supervised the following thirteen graduate students to completion, all but one of whom I still have contact with:. The critical engagement with ideas and the rigorous analysis involved in philosophical thinking has served me well in transitioning into another field and profession. I found that having pursued academic librarianship did not mean I abandoned my philosophical training.

In fact, philosophy opened many intellectual doors for me, as there is always a need for a philosophical perspective on traditionally non-philosophical issues. Studying philosophy, if nothing else, has provided me with a certain porousness — an openness to ideas, a receptivity to others, and a humbleness in one's own beliefs. Though I have long since stopped a formal study of philosophy, these skills, amongst others, have helped me both in my career as a product developer and designer, and in my day to day life.

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Home page. Trained as a philosopher with background in neuroscience and biology, I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow working with brain scientists and philosophers in my native Taiwan. My current research focuses on philosophical issues in autism, especially those in mind and ethics. Broadly speaking, I am interested in mind, science, ethics, and metaphysics. I recommend that everyone study philosophy, regardless of their primary interests. Perhaps more than any other discipline, philosophy improves critical thinking skills.

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  5. These improved critical thinking skills allow for greater insight in all sorts of areas and can help you in your other classes, help further your career, enhance your other interests, and, perhaps most importantly, improve your participation in society. I am a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Alberta. My hope was to graduate and find a job where I could be a bridge between philosophers doing interesting work and the rest of us just doing work.

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    Most days I feel that I am living that dream or at least on getting closer to it. I've found that an awareness of conceptual and other issues and having techniques to help explicate and address them have been very helpful. Having a philosophical perspective also provides a view on issues that is very different than that of my colleagues, who are trained scientists and health economists. I've only finished my first year so I'm sure my ratings will change as I get more experience throughout.

    Hard to get to know instructors and I never feel like I belong.

    I miss high school's small classes.