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When consumers start receiving too many unwanted emails they simply abandon that email address and create a new one. It costs them nothing and it makes a lot of dead leads for marketers. Direct mailing lists, however, are more reliable. Millennials spend their days glued to their phones. And while it would be easier to visit a website after seeing an email, they report that postal mail inspires them to take action more often than email. When we compare response rates of email and direct mail, direct mail wins by a long shot.

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Direct mail marketing is a marketing technique that entails sending unsolicited promotional mail to your existing clients and a list of prospects. This technique is effective because it goes through a less cluttered channel compared to digital marketing.

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To run a direct mail campaign first and foremost you need to research your audience. Think about who you want to send your ads to. Who are the people who will respond best to your product or service? This takes some time but is very effective in the long run. The next step is designing your ad.

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You can go with a simple message and take care of the design yourself. Or you can pay a professional to do this for you. This might sound low. To calculate the response rate for direct mail you need to divide the number of responses with the number of pieces of mail you sent. The conversion rate is the number of people who become customers after a marketing campaign.

How to Build a Free Targeted Email List

Normally, only half end up buying something. In other words, the average conversion rate for direct mail is half of the response rate. Direct mail ROI is on par with digital marketing channels. It even beats some by a landslide. If you thought direct mail was dead, we are sure that by now your opinion has changed. This form of marketing is alive and well.


Clever marketers have come up with ways to combine this tried-and-tested way of advertising with smart tech and their results are amazing. You too can use QR codes in the mail you send to lead consumers to your website. We hope that our list of direct mail statistics has conveyed the message that this advertising technique raises brand awareness, helps with nurturing customer relations, and boosts sales.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. By the numbers. General Direct Mail Marketing Statistics 1. United States Postal Service Very few people exchange letters in the digital era. The average American household receives pieces of marketing mail per year. United States Postal Service Is direct mail dead? Epsilon Consumers can run a Google search and discover new products from their favorite brands.

HubSpot B2B marketers still send printed ads and catalogs to existing clients and leads years after diversifying their marketing channels. Direct Mail Effectiveness 8.

5 Step-Process to Create an Effective Mailing List from Day One

Advertising mail is kept in a household for 17 days on average. United States Postal Service Consumers are very likely to visit a website after discovering a product in a catalog. DMA Retailers understand that catalogs boost website traffic in addition to raising brand awareness and increasing conversion rates. United States Postal Service By keeping a piece of direct mail in a household for days on end, consumers are constantly reminded of the product you are advertising.

Epsilon Leads love to be nurtured. Consumers aged are the demographic group most likely to respond to direct mail pieces.

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Direct Mail vs Email Marketing Profs In addition to higher open rates, direct mail also leaves a better impression on consumers. Canada Post This is yet another perk of direct mail. Marketing Profs Getting through to customers via email can prove challenging.

DMN Millennials spend their days glued to their phones. The response rate for direct mail is up to nine times higher than that of email. Frequently Asked Questions What is direct mail marketing? How does direct mail marketing work? And the last step is going to USPS with your direct mail and sending it.

What is a good response rate for direct mail? How do you calculate direct mail response rate? What is the average conversion rate for direct mail? What is the ROI on direct mail? Direct Mail Still Reigns If you thought direct mail was dead, we are sure that by now your opinion has changed.

You need an engaged and updated email list for successful email marketing, but having one is the biggest challenge. It requires continuous and constant effort to keep your email list fresh and growing. To have your website visitors subscribe to your list, you need to create attractive yet straightforward email sign up forms. You can create a simple email sign up form like this by using OptinMonster , the most popular lead generation tool in the market.

If you are using an inline campaign to grow your list of email subscribers, then there is an amazing feature you can use for any piece of content. OptinMonster offers Attention Activation feature which helps to pull visitors attention towards the email sign up box. How does it work?

As users scroll through a page, the content on the page will fade away when they reach your inline campaign. And as they continue to scroll down the page, everything returns to normal automatically. With Attention Activation feature, you can make your posts or landing page a lead magnet and draw the focus of your visitors right where you want. To use this feature for building your email list through OptinMonster, simply head over to the campaign builder, click Inline Settings , slide the toggle for activating Attention Activation feature, and Save your campaign.

Another simple tactic for growing an email list is to add a signup checkbox in your contact form. If you have a contact us page with a standard contact form, then you can add a signup checkbox to it and start collecting emails. This technique is very simple but effective because the users submitting your contact forms are the people interested in your business.

So, having them in your mailing list is highly beneficial. It lets you connect your contact form with your favorite email marketing services and collect emails.

Why You Need to Build an Email List Right Now – And the Exact Steps on How to Get Started

If you need more details, check this tutorial on how to add an AWeber signup checkbox to your contact form. Adding floating bar signup forms is another highly effective strategy for growing your email list. A floating bar is a sticky and easily noticeable campaign that attaches to the top or bottom of the web page. You can create beautiful floating bars on your website using OptinMonster.