Arizona 14 2901 divorce insurance beneficiary

Witnesses; requirements. Execution; choice of law. Revocation of will; requirements. Change of circumstances; effect on will.

What Are Your Beneficiary Rights After Divorce? - Hallier Lawrence

Revoking a subsequent will; effect; reviving a revoked will; requirements. Incorporating outside document into a will; requirements.

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Testamentary additions to trusts; requirements; effect of revocation. Disposition of property by reference to acts of independent significance. References to separate lists; requirements. Contracts regarding wills; requirements; effect. Custodian of will; duties; liability. Penalty clause for contest; restriction.

Article 6. Rules of Construction. Scope of article. Passage of existing and after-acquired property by will. Substitute gifts; class gifts; definitions. Failure of testamentary provision; effect. Securities increase in value after death; effect; exception. Right to specific devises; unpaid proceeds of sale, condemnation or insurance; sale by conservator or agent.

Specific devise; nonexoneration.

Domestic Social Policy

Exercise of power of appointment. Satisfaction of a devise during the testator's life; requirements; valuation. Article 7. Governing Instruments. Devisees; surviving of testator; requirement; exception. Choice of law; effect on governing instrument. Power of appointment; exercise by reference; presumption. Adopted children; children born out of wedlock; class gifts. Informal appointment proceedings; proof and findings required. Informal appointment proceedings; registrar not satisfied.

Formal testacy or appointment proceedings; petition; contents. Formal testacy proceeding; notice of hearing on petition.

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Formal testacy proceedings; written objections to probate. Formal testacy proceedings; uncontested cases; hearings and proof. Formal testacy proceedings; objection; informal probate; petition to set aside; transfer to district court; procedure; fees. Formal testacy proceedings; contested cases; testimony of attesting witnesses. Formal testacy proceedings; will construction; effect of final order in another jurisdiction. Formal testacy proceedings; probate of more than one instrument.

Formal testacy proceedings; vacation of order for other cause.

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Formal proceedings concerning appointment of personal representative. Supervised administration; powers of personal representative. Supervised administration; interim orders; distribution and closing orders. Bond required; exceptions; when court may require; required when value of estate will not permit summary procedures.

When to Change Your Beneficiary Designation After Retirement

Special administrator; appointed informally; powers and duties. Special administrator; formal proceedings; powers and duties. General duties; relation and liability to persons interested in estate; standing to sue. Personal representative to proceed without court order; exception.

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  6. Arizona Revised Statutes Title 14 - Trusts, Estates And Protective Proceedings.
  7. Duty of personal representative; inventory and appraisal. Duty of personal representative; supplementary inventory. Sale, encumbrance, or transaction involving conflict of interest; voidable; exceptions. Persons dealing with personal representative; protection. Transactions authorized for personalrepresentatives; exceptions. Proceedings for review of employment of agents and compensation of personal representatives and employees of estate.

    Allowance of claims; transfer of certain claims; procedures. Administration in more than one state; duty of personal representative. Distribution; order in which assets appropriated; abatement. Private agreements among successors to decedent binding on personal representative.

    Domestic Social Policy

    Formal proceedings terminating administration, testate or intestate; order of general protection. Formal proceedings terminating testate administration; order construing will without adjudicating testacy. Closing estates; by sworn statement of personal representative.

    Limitations on proceedings against personal representative. Limitations on actions and proceedings against distributees. Certificate discharging liens securing fiduciary performance. Effect of approval of agreements involving trusts, inalienable interests, or interests of third persons. Small estates; closing by sworn statement of personal representative. Payment of debt and delivery of property to domiciliary foreign personal representative without local administration. Ancillary and other local administrations; provisions governing. Effect of adjudication for or against personal representative.

    Jurisdiction of subject matter; consolidation of proceedings. Guardian or conservator; national criminal history record check; report; waiver by court. Objection by minor of fourteen or older to testamentary appointment.

    Collection of Information

    Natural guardians; court appointment of guardian of minor; standby guardian; conditions for appointment; child born out of wedlock; additional considerations; filings. Testamentary appointment of guardian for incapacitated person. Procedure for court appointment of a guardian or standby guardian of a person alleged to be incapacitated.

    Findings; appointmentof guardian; authority and responsibility of guardian. Attorney, guardian ad litem, physician, and visitor; fees and costs; in forma pauperis proceedings; frivolous actions. Termination of guardianship for incapacitated person; liability for prior acts; obligation to account.

    Removal or resignation of guardian; termination of incapacity. General powers,rights, and duties of guardian; inventory.