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How to Look Up IP Addresses

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How to get Someone's Address with an IP Address

With a court order, law enforcement would then approach the ISP for more detailed information about who that IP address was assigned to at the time in question. In some cases, reverse DNS can be instructive. Reverse DNS does, as its name implies, the reverse: given an IP address, it finds the domain name that has been assigned as the primary 1 identifier. This type of domain name is common for IP addresses which have been assigned to consumers and small businesses for internet access.

Advanced search in the APNIC Whois – APNIC

Looking at the report from domaintools. It reflects the location of the ISP, Verizon Wireless, but does not actually refer to the location of whatever equipment is connected and using that IP address.

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We may be able to get a little closer. A company called MaxMind provides geographic location information based on IP addresses to businesses.

IP WHOIS results: What are they useful for?

Here you can see that the scope has narrowed somewhat. MaxMind has correctly identified the state where this IP has been assigned.

The city of Chattaroy, however, is several hundred miles on the other side of the state from where that IP address is actually in use. This is common. For most normal, residential or small business connections most of the publicly available information is accurate only to the state.

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  7. Click "Submit. Enter an IP address in the search box. Tip It isn't possible to find the actual physical address of a computer using an IP address. About the Author Melissa King began writing in Accessed 07 November King, Melissa.

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