How to find invisible friends in gtalk

If use smartly, you can figure out if the girl next door is really invisible or avoiding you. Point 1: When a chat is set off the record, it will no longer get stored in your Gmail account. Point 2: When you send a chat message to offline or invisible user, it gets delivered by default. At receiving end if user is online, a chat screen pops up showing him your message. If he is offline, your chat message will go to inbox as a mail. Now the only tricky part is finding a user online for once to set chat off the records.

If you can find out something that can automatically detect all the friends in invisible mode than it would be highly appreciated buddy.. I tried using this.. But even when the other user is offline and the chat was off the record I got de message. Also next person can not be invisible from gtalk as of now. So if you go off the record and send a chat to a user, then error will always mean he is offline.

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Aha Thanks Rahul, it looks i just over looked and was under impression this trick will work in Gtalk. Sorry for my noobiess Question. But I was looking out for something more. Can we have invisible feature in Gtalk? Its not makes you invisible but still works good for me. It also have invisible status mode. Bug got resolved by des google guys.. This trick not working any more. Request to the admin to mention it on the top of this post.

How to find invisible friends on gtalk

Later on I noticed that it is not possible to take the chat off the record when someone is offline but it was possible earlier.. But the bug works f9 when the chat is taken off the record at some earlier stage. Well U can still take chat off the record when someone is offline with your gtalk client not gmail client. Nyways,It was never possible with gmail client. Anirudh — Could anyone tell me the difference between these messages?

It means offline chats will be stored in mail n will be delivered when concerned person comes online. I have come across similar issue but litte different. Anirudh I think you received above error messages from different clients. There may be some differences in error reporting between Gmail Chat, Google Talk desktop client and third party messenger like pidgin.

I got an issue. I blocked a person on GTalk. But still the person is able to ping me on chat from the same id that I had blocked. Inquisitive — Try unblocking the guy and block it again.. Lets see what happens.. Deepak: Thanks for ur response.

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I have tried doing that many times but the problem persists. From what I understand, there are three possibilities:.

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Either there is some bug in GTalk which the guy is exploiting which I think is not true else the news of the bug would have been splashed all over the web by now. The guy has planted a trojan on my comp and is exploiting thru that again not possible. I know my system and it has adequate security.

Any light on this subject would be highly appreciated as this has become more of a puzzle to me now. Inquisitive — You have started puzzling us aswell.. As of now, I have never come across any such instances.. Will let you know then. Inquisite I believe he must using some other client like pidgin to send you chat.

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I have heard that it lets you find persons who has blocked you on G-talk or yahoo. But i am not sure if it allows you to send message to that person. Anirudh — I think once you block a person on any IM network, he must not be able to send you chat on that IM network anyway. If he does succeed, that will be regarded as a bug in network.

Rahul Ya, you got point. Inquisite Try this. Unblock him and take chat off the record and then block him. Also, only because of this silly attempts, i discovered this invisible hack. Anirudh I never encountered such problem with any IM network in my life. Of course it is possible such things can happen but again they will be rectified with highest priority. Rahul This bug is of a nature which will not allow itself to be exploited using services like 4invisbile. I have set one of my friend off the record. It was working fne but recently when I saw him online, i tried to chat wid him,but it is showing that user name did not receive your chat.

But the status of that person is showing online. Can u plz tell me the reason? HI, Actually this concept is good….. I did notice through digsby the gmail icon even if under offline contacts is somewhat lit and when you start a chat and type something and press enter of just press enter no offline messages come up.

Not sure if that means they are invisible or not. Your email address will not be published. How to check someone is invisible in gmail? Submit your review. Check this box to confirm you are human. Powered by WP Customer Reviews. SAF on September 20, at am said:. Hmmmm i see, so this is the trick. But its sad that chat is not being saved. Alvin on September 12, at pm said:. OME on October 2, at am said:. Matchboxx on October 30, at am said:. Srijith on January 14, at am said:. Hijo Joy on January 30, at pm said:. An easier way to find invisible users of Google talk. A small easy run GUI interface via java.

Priya on September 14, at pm said:. If the invisible user is using orkut then its easy to identify him.