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Oliver Plunkett was beatified in and canonized by Saint Pope Paul VI in — the first new Irish saint for almost seven hundred years. Pilgrims pray for the sick and troubled, for family and friends. They fittingly turn to Saint Oliver — martyred for the faith at a time of political, religious and social turmoil — to pray for his intercession to protect the faith and to bring peace to areas of conflict at home and abroad.

Following is the homily of Archbishop Eamon at Mass for unveiling of statue of Saint Oliver Plunkett in honor of martyrs yesterday, today and tomorrow. May all who come here look up at the statue of Saint Oliver and gain serenity, courage, wisdom, and hope for themselves and for others.

Lurgan Ancestry ~ Documenting the history of the Lurgan area in Co. Armagh

Saint Oliver was appointed Archbishop of Armagh on this day, years ago — 9th July We commissioned the Dublin-born artist, Dony MacManus, to prepare the bronze sculpture which will be unveiled, blessed and dedicated this evening at the end of Mass. I asked Dony if he could inspire both devotion and admiration for the courage and serenity shown by Saint Oliver in the face of such a horrific execution.

Secondly, I wished that his work would speak into the reality of Christian persecution today; but, most importantly, I asked Dony if he could help us to see, in this sculpture of Saint Oliver, the face of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who humbly gave His life for us on the Cross.

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I am grateful to Dony for bringing all his God-given talents to this task, and also for the prayerful way in which he has approached his work. I also thank the many people from all over Ireland and beyond who have made this commission possible by their prayers and financial support. This sculpture is much more than a work of art.

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The life and death of Saint Oliver reveal to us the face of Christ. Lord Jesus, receive my soul. Over time we hope to put together the story of Lurgan, through newspaper articles, census, birth, marriage and other records, photographs and Lurgan family histories.

St Patrick’s Day Concert in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh – Trailer 1

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Contributors to the website are all volunteers and give their time freely and unconditionally. You can read more about them on our About Us page. Records of the Methodist Church in Ireland include registers of baptisms and marriages of the Irish Methodist circuits and chapels.

Many are held by the Methodist Historical Society of Ireland in Belfast, which also has a small archive collection in Dublin. Researchers should consult Steven C. Records of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland comprise registers of baptisms and marriages. Many are held by the Presbyterian Historical Society in Belfast. Records of the Religious Society of Friends Quakers in Ireland contain transcript registers of births, marriages and deaths from the seventeenth century onwards.

Most parochial registers regardless of denomination for the northern counties of Ireland are available on microfilm in PRONI. Useful general introductions to church records include James G.

Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers, 1655-1915

All births, marriages and deaths occurring since 1 January and Jewish and non-Roman Catholic marriages occurring since 1 April should be on record in the public research room of the General Register Office , Werburgh Street, Dublin 2. Transcripts and some digitised images of records of Civil Registration are available free of charge on www. The General Register Office for Northern Ireland also holds all local register books for Northern Ireland from for births and deaths and from for marriages.

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See www. Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations, Dublin, Tithe applotment records Title Applotment Books A tithe was one tenth of the produce of agricultural land levied for the support of the