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Most cell phone providers have drop-off bins or mail-in programs to make recycling your old phone easy, but there are lots of ways you can recycle your phone and give to others. Many charities have partnered with cell phone refurbishing companies and recyclers as a way of generating funds while keeping phones out of landfills, so everybody wins.

They always make sure to wipe any personal information before recycling or reusing these phones. Here are some ways to donate old phones.

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Cell Phones for Soldiers provides talk time to overseas troops so they can call home. The organization collects old phones which it sells to a recycler or an electronic refurbisher, depending on the condition. It uses the proceeds to buy long distance calling cards, which are distributed to men and women who are serving in the military.

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Each phone donated buys about one hour of talk time for soldiers. They accept phones and partner with Cellular Recycler, which sells refurbished electronics. They'll also accept other types of old electronics, too, including old laptops, digital cameras, video game consoles, and MP3 players, along with all of the related charging cords and accessories. Second Wave Recycling is an organization that accepts older phones, iPods and MP3 players, tablets and e-readers, handheld gaming devices, smart watches and even charging cables.

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Newer and functional devices are refurbished and then sold for cash. Older devices are recycled. The money from those processes is donated to fund a designated charity. As of April , Second Wave was actively funding the Wounded Warrior Project , which offers support services for military personnel who've been hurt while serving the U.

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Did you know that all cell phones sold in the U. So that half-decade-old phone tucked away in storage will still call for an ambulance or police assistance, provided the battery is chargeable. Secure the Call is an organization that accepts used cell phones and then repurposes them as emergency-only devices meant to dial dispatchers. The organization checks each donated phone to make sure the battery still works, packages them with a charging cable, and then distributes them to needy members of the community who also happen to be at a high risk for needing help from first responders like police and medical professionals.

These include domestic abuse survivors and the elderly.

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