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This Website is provided as a public service by the U. Department of Justice "the Department". Using this Website, interested members of the public have access to and may search participating Jurisdiction Website public information regarding the presence or location of offenders who, in most cases, have been convicted of sexually violent offenses against adults and children and certain sexual contact and other crimes against victims who are minors.

The public can use this Website to educate themselves about the possible presence of such offenders in their local communities. Answer: It is a felony offense if a person required to register fails to comply with any requirement under the Texas Sex Offender Registration Program. Answer: Community notification of sex offenders is provided in several different ways. Certain governmental bodies are given immunity for releasing public information.

The Texas Department of Public Safety, a penal institution, a local law enforcement authority, or an authority for campus security may release to the public information regarding a person required to register only if the information is public information. Local law enforcement authorities submit all sex offender registration information to the Texas Department of Public Safety. The public may obtain information contained in this database at any time via the Texas Department of Public Safety website. When the Texas Department of Public Safety receives notice that a sex offender either civilly committed as a sexually violent predator or assigned a high-risk level is due to be released into a community or intends to move to a new address, the Texas Department of Public Safety will provide written notice in English and Spanish to the immediate community where the sex offender intends to reside.

This written notice will be in the form of a postcard mailed or delivered to at least each address excluding post office boxes within a one-mile radius, in an area that has not been subdivided, or a three-block area, in an area that has been subdivided, of the place where the civilly committed or high-risk sex offender intends to reside. Local law enforcement authorities are permitted to publish all high-risk sex offenders in any newspaper, periodical or circular in the area where the offender intends to reside. In some cases, a local law enforcement authority must notify the superintendent of a public school district and administrator of a private primary or secondary school located in the school district that a registered sex offender is residing within the school district.

Sex offenders subject to school notification are offenders 1 whose victim was either younger than 17 years of age or a student enrolled in a public or private secondary school, 2 enrolled in a public or private secondary school, or 3 registering for the offense of sexual performance by a child Section Prohibited sexual conduct Section Answer: The Texas Sex Offender Registration Program itself does not prohibit registered sex offenders from living or going near places frequented by children. However, Texas community supervision and parole laws, as well as city ordinances, may require the imposition of a "child safety zone.

Answer: TheThe Texas Sex Offender Registration Program itself does not prohibit registered sex offenders from working in certain trades, occupations or professions.


However, state law regulating a particular trade, occupation or profession may bar sex offenders from working in the trade, profession or occupation. To determine if a registered sex offender is prohibited from working in a particular trade, occupation or profession, the law regulating the trade, occupation or profession must be reviewed. Furthermore, the following prohibition exists for certain sexually violent offenses pursuant to Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Ch.

This law states that a person who has a reportable conviction for a sexually violent offense that also contains an affirmative finding that the victim is under the age of 14, may not:. Answer: A person subject to registration may not reside on the campus of a public or private institution of higher education unless:. The registration law Chapter 62, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure is silent otherwise regarding residency restrictions on the basis of registration alone. Residency restrictions could be imposed if the registrant is under Probation or Parole and the judge or parole board imposes a restriction as a condition of supervision.

Once registrants are no longer under Probation or Parole the restrictions are no longer in effect. In addition, some cities have enacted local city ordinances which may restrict where a sex offender may reside. Answer: A person subject to registration who enters the premises of any school in this state during the standard operating hours of the school shall immediately notify the administrative office of the school of the person's presence on the premises and the person's status as a registered sex offender. The office may provide a chaperon to accompany the person while the person is on the premises of the school.

The notification requirement does not apply to a student enrolled at the school, a student from another school participating at an event at the school, or a person who has entered into a written agreement with the school that exempts the person from notification. Answer: Section In addition it limits the distance requirement an ordinance may have and requires procedures for an exemption from the ordinance. Questions regarding any local city ordinance should be directed to the local law enforcement registrar's office at the Police Department or the city attorney's office in the jurisdiction of the ordinance.

Answer: Please contact the Agency that most recently updated the registration record.

TxDPS - Sex Offender Registration Program

If there is more than one Agency listed, then contact the one associated with the most recent event date. In order to expedite the process, please complete the following steps and provide the documentation detailed below to the Agency when you make contact. The documentation must be certified if provided by someone other than law enforcement.

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Question: What is the procedure for obtaining a criminal history record check on myself? Question: What is the difference between a name-based criminal history search and a fingerprint—based criminal history search? Question: May I send in old fingerprint cards to obtain my criminal history record check? Answer: No. Fingerprint cards should not be older than 6 months old. Question: Is it possible to receive a certified notarized record check; and if so, is there an additional fee?

Question: What documentation is needed before I can be fingerprinted at a FAST location when requested by a licensing agency or for employment purposes? Question: What is the procedure for obtaining a criminal history record check on someone other than myself? Question: What is the cost of a fingerprint-based criminal history record check? Question: What is the cost of a name-based criminal history record check?

Question: What is the cost to just be fingerprinted? Question: Where can I go to be fingerprinted? Question: How long does it take to get a criminal history record check? Question: Can anyone have access to my criminal history record?

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Question: How long will arrest information appear on my criminal history record? Question: How can I have arrest or court information removed from my criminal history record? Question: Why does my criminal history record reflect a Class C citation? Question: Why did my employer find my arrest on a public website and not with the Department of Public Safety? My employer conducted a background check through the Department of Public Safety website. My arrest is showing but my criminal history record does not reflect the disposition, why? My employer conducted a background check and received results that I have a criminal history record.

What is the procedure to obtaining a criminal history check? How many counties are included in the Texas statewide search?

Nationwide Sex Offender Record Search Services by cFIRST

Answer: Texas has counties that submit criminal data to be included in CCH. Is there a website with court addresses and phone numbers:. I located my criminal court disposition from a private company. Will this be sufficient to submit to the Department of Public Safety? Question: How to challenge the criminal history record information contained in a Texas Record? One portion of this information involves the sex offender risk assessment. The risk assessment is a screening tool designed to provide criminal justice practitioners with the ability to predict a sex offender's risk of recidivism. The Arizona risk assessment evaluates nineteen different criteria that have been identified by treatment experts as good predictors of future behavior.

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Each criterion is evaluated and assigned a point value, which ultimately is totaled for recommending an appropriate community notification level of 1, 2, or 3. Although probation agencies and DOC provide law enforcement agencies with a recommended community notification level, the local law enforcement agency may choose to complete its own risk assessment to ensure accuracy.

This includes notification to the "surrounding neighborhood, area schools, appropriate community groups and prospective employers. The notification shall include a flyer with a photograph and exact address of the offender as well as a summary of the offender's status and criminal background. A press release and a level two or three flyer shall be given to the local electronic and print media to enable information to be placed in a local publication. Successful community notification is dependent upon three factors: communication, education, and a zero tolerance approach to harassment or vigilantism.

Often the public does not understand how or why a sex offender is moving into their neighborhood. As such, it is the responsibility of all appropriate criminal justice agencies to engage in a collaborative effort to provide accurate and meaningful information to the public. To facilitate this exchange of information, many law enforcement agencies conduct public meetings and attend "Block Watch" meetings to answer questions and relieve fears. Finally, a zero tolerance approach regarding harassment and vigilantism reinforces the true meaning of community notification: to empower the public with knowledge that can be used to protect themselves and their families from becoming victims.

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