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Can I sell my registration number? The law on selling registration numbers.

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Number Plate Transfer Rules Not all registration numbers are eligible for transfer and you are responsible for checking that your vehicle meets the criteria before applying to transfer. To participate in a transfer please check that the following conditions are fulfilled:- The vehicle's registration is not 'non-transferrable'. If your vehicle's V5 registration document logbook states that the registration number is 'non-transferrable' then under no circumstances can it be sold.

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Certain vehicles such as tractors and milk floats are non-testable and so are not eligible for the transfer scheme. The vehicle satisfies the tax and MOT rule. You have ownership rights to the registration number plate. You must be the registered keeper of the vehicle or have the full consent of the registered keeper.

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The vehicle must still exist. Once a vehicle has been scrapped, the registration number plate becomes void and all rights to it are lost, even if you still hold the V5 registration document. If you are considering disposing of your vehicle and wish to sell the registration number, transfer it first. See also Sell Your Number Plate Convert your private number plate into cash. We may have a buyer waiting!

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Understand the factors that determine the value of your personalised plate. Bargain Basement Number Plates We have private number plates for sale to suit all budgets — see our Bargain Basement next to the search box at the top of this page.

Transferring a Registration We offer a 7 Day transfer guarantee on certain number plates we sell if the one you would like to buy qualifies for this guarantee it will be clearly indicated. Please refer to the specific terms that apply to this guarantee. We will liaise with the DVLA and ensure that the relevant process is conducted correctly in order to take this pressure off you.

Selling Your Number Plate We are able to value your private number plate as a free-of-charge service. Fill out our no obligation valuations form and we do the rest. Should you choose to sell your plate, we can guide you through the process making it as easy and efficient as possible for you.

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Many customers choose to buy cherished number plates to represent their occupation, hobby, favourite football team, an abbreviation of their name or even the name of their business. They are widely regarded as great investments and, anecdotally, there are very many people who have had years of enjoyment out of their personalised registration and then, subsequently, gone on to sell at a considerable profit. Dateless Private Number Plates Dateless car registrations are a fantastic way to give an older vehicle a little dignity in its older years.

A Dateless number plate does not contain the year identifier in the form of a prefix, suffix or numerical code which is contained in the current vehicle registration format. If you would like a valuation for your private plate then please submit your request from our valuation page. Our staff will co-ordinate the transfer of your personalised number plate with DVLA Swansea and provide updates on transer progress for your convenience and peace of mind.

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Our cherished number plates can be purchased securely on-line from our website or alternatively by telephone. Premier Plates UK sell cherished numbers owned by clients, government stock and our own stock. Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations we must notify all our clients that our service begins immediately upon placement of your order and subsequently no cooling off period or refunds are given.

Please refer to our terms and conditions page for detail relating to the purchase of a uk car registration.

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We buy DVLA auction registrations and from members of the public. We are brokers of dvla registrations for members of the public and we provide our marketing service for owners of high value and low value chersihed number plates. We have custom search facilities on our website which allows our customers to search quickly for their ideal number plate.

If you are looking for a dateless plate or a new style registration you will be able to find it and enquire or buy securely online. Before choosing your ideal plate you need to check on the age of your vehicle and the year qualifier for the new reg in order to make sure it is a transferable number to your vehicle.