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These folks each have their own melody and they meet and sing a medley of their individual tunes. They decide to form the knughts of dingle dork. This introduces the theme of the knughts and their motto. We get a fleeting glimpse of the shadow of the dydd which introduces its theme briefly. Then we hear its cawing mocking laugh as it flees the pursuing secret audobon Act one ends with the knughts singing on one side and the secret audobon singing on the pther side their competing themes and aims.

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Second act This act begins with the chase music as the secret audobon sets its traps and then falls into their own traps. We then get introduced to the dydd and it sings its tune. It can also sing its signature theme. The knughts then chase after the dydd and they do many comical face plants and capture a dydd doll. The dydd has many adventures in its travels to other lands.

Th act ends with its discovery of pacificus and its capture by the Inhabitants. Act 3 The third act is the resolution of everything. As the act opens, we learn about pacificus and the dydd meets a female dydd and sings its love song. It realizes its importance in the world through discovering its history in the land of pacificus.

Meanwhile the secret audobon and the knughts have a showdown and manage to capture each other in their traps. The act ends with everyone in traps or tied up and the dydd comes center stage and proudly sings its victory song. The female dydd cones out to join it and they sing a duet. Then all the baby dydds join them onstage and everyone sings the grand fanale.

Join us for fun challenges and friendly competition! Anything goes.

The funniest travel complaint letters of all time

No deadline yet, let's so who is brave enough or silly enough to enter. Remember, there is no difference between silly and serious in music.

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Apparently the DYDD had escaped!! We need everyones help to fight the dagerous dingle dork species that gaurd the one and only Downy Yellow Dingle Dork! Get you sword and let the quest begin!! With all the craze about Star Wars these days, the time is ripe for another take-off in fun of the phenomenon. Sure, there have been many take-offs of Star Wars but I haven't seen any here at musescore. So how about it or are you sick of all this Star Wars stuff?

So come up with your own silly Wars music. You can think of your own silly take-off. How about zit wars? Seems silly enough. I once saw a play that was a take-off of Macbeth in which there was a zits battle instead of a sword fight, you had to be there to appreciate it. Sound silly enough? A musical version is coming soon to a theater near you or else to this musescore group.

The best travel complaint letters of all time - Telegraph

Would like to hear your own silly version. Anyone interested? Stuart D had a great idea, suggesting a song about a superworm in response to my song about about superdog.

follow Superworm, a hero sure to worm its way into your heart. Superdog, sure to make you howl. Maybe Rivergrove's burping dino would make a great silly superhero also.

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Of course, the DYDD is already a superhero. For this competition, you can come up with your own superhero. Here are silly ideas: How about superdustbunny, not a hero to sneeze at?

i bet you cant understand a word in this video.. YLYL #0047

Supercentipede, with its legion of legs? So hurry and enter now. I have started a new group for those precious few of us who like lyrics in songs. If you write lyrics in your songs, want someone to write lyrics for your songs, or want to write songs for someone's lyrics, or even just enjoy listening to songs with lyrics then this group may be just up your alley. We're just starting up and we really would like you to post your finished songs with lyrics, help and collaboration is only done through discussions so your privacy is respected.

Cheers for the New year All members can submit their vote for the best "Laugh Silly" composer and for best composition thus far excluding chinadoll, in other words, do not vote for chinadoll or anything of chinadoll compositions, not that you would necessarily, but just in case, thanks. So I came up with the idea of, instead of having soccer teams, we should have composers! The Cup begins with 64 composers. That's right. I do my best to eat a healthy balanced diet. Most of the time. Recently, a couple of examples on the subject of gold have been circulating on the web.

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It is addressed to Sainsburys and it concerns a rather disgusting episode involving a bottle of chocolate milk. This email exchange with Walkers Crisps was submitted by Mark Jorgensen. This letter was actually written by a grumpy septuagenarian who spends most of his time on cruise ships these days and who obviously believes that McDonalds should be catering to the more mature end of the market.