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Estates of Deceased U. Citizen Deaths Overseas.

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Federal Benefits and Obligations Abroad. Absentee Voting Information for U. Sending Money to Destitute U. Citizens Overseas. Internet Transaction Step-by-Step Instructions. Criminal Record Checks. There are a variety of options available to U. Go to your local police department where you reside or last resided in the United States, request that the police conduct a local or state criminal records search and provide you with a document reflecting that there is no history of a criminal record.

Local police departments may require your personal appearance in order to conduct the search. You should determine whether the country where you intend to use the records check requires that it be authenticated. For information on that process please see our authentications page.

The Criminal Justice Information Services CJIS Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI centralizes criminal justice information and provides accurate and timely information and services to local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies, the private sector, academia, and other government agencies. The U. Department of State Authentications Office may then place an apostille document for use in a country that is party to the Hague Apostille Convention. For countries not party to the Hague Apostille Convention, the U. See Fingerprint Identification: An Overview.

Department of Justice Order fingerprint search results for international requests by placing the FBI seal and signature of a Division official on the results, if requested at the time of submission. Documents prepared in this manner may then be sent to the U. Department of State Authentications Office by the requestor to be authenticated, if necessary.

Please be sure to indicate the country in which the document is to be used. California court records for the state and local level are made available for public inspection by the Judicial Council of California. Any public court record can be requested for viewing, however in some cases requests will be denied.

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These cases include any instance wherein a record is deemed exempt from public disclosure. The judicial council does not, however, maintain any records, criminal histories or documents that are related to specific cases that have been filed in the Superior Court system of California.

In order to gain access to these documents, individuals interested in seeking out these documents should send their request to the California Superior Court directly. Once completed, these request forms should be delivered to the Public Access to Records Project by mail, fax or email.

The California Department of Public Health processes requests for birth, death, marriage and divorce records.

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Birth and death records are on file from to present day. In addition to birth and death records, fetal death and stillborn death records are also available from the California Department of Public Health. If you need an employment background check in California, certain issues may arise. Read on for more info: An employment background check is something an employer can use to learn more information about a possible new hire.


What is the difference between national, federal, state, and county checks?

Employment background checks are a form of screening that companies use to gather information regarding financial, criminal, and commercial records during the hiring process. Background checks can be used to help employers prevent work place violence, falsified credentials, and embezzlement. Those who are seeking employment in California must be aware that may have to undergo an in depth screening before they can be fully offered certain positions. In every state around the country there are specific requirements an applicant must meet when being considered for an employment position.

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Many states have requirements that can make the job hunt every more strenuous. For example, in the state of California, an employer cannot seek information on an arrest unless it resulted in a conviction or the applicant is pending trial. Also, an employer has limitations for the information that is usable. In California companies are only permitted to use convictions within the past seven years when conducting an employment screening. This allows for applicants with minor charges or out of date convictions to be considered with much less bias. Most importantly employers must keep in mind that potential candidates must first give written consent for employers to run a background check.

What Shows Up On a Background Check? | GoodHire

They must also share the results with the candidate and notify them if they do not receive the job based on the information in the report. Although a criminal check can seem intimidating to many applicants, it can be an extremely helpful tool in the hiring process. Check for the search fee on the fee schedule. Write a letter saying what documents you want. Be specific. For example: minute order from [you must list a specific court date] docket sentencing complaint What if I need a certified copy?

Ask for a certified copy on your letter.

Background Checks

Check for the fee for copies and certified copies on the local fee schedule. Contact the police agency that investigated the accident. If you were the victim, contact the police agency that investigated the crime. If you were the defendant in a criminal case and your case is complete, get a copy of the police report from the court. The court will charge you a copy fee for the front and back of each page.