Outstanding arrest warrants montgomery county pa

Pick up the phone and call your local authorities and let them handle it so you are not put in harms way. It does not matter if you are searching for you or someone you know. No one wants to be surprised when they are pulled over for a simple thing to find out there is a warrant for your arrest.

What Defines a Criminal Record in Pennsylvania?

You will be handcuffed and put in the squad car and on your way to jail before you know it. Stay out of jail by confirming your warrant status with GovernmentRegistry.

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The search is simple to conduct. When you have the site open look for Criminal Searches and click the link. Enter in the information it is asking for then hit enter. Sit back and relax for a few minutes while the massive database is searched through. Once the results are found they will be displayed on your screen for you to see. If there is a warrant you will see when it was issued, what county issued it and for what reason.

Now it is up to you to take the time and clear the warrant so you will no longer have to worry. The authorities take Pennsylvania warrants seriously and you should also. Do not wait to be pulled over to see if there is a warrant for your arrest. Take the time and do a search now for any Pennsylvania outstanding warrants that might be waiting for you.

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  6. Then contact a lawyer to see how to proceed. Each degree of a misdemeanor in Pennsylvania has maximum penalties associated with it, though a court does not have to impose the maximum possible penalty in every case. In any misdemeanor case, a court can impose sentences that include jail time, fines or both.

    A felony offense is a criminal conviction with a minimum sentence of more than 1 year, which is to be served in a county jail or state prison. In some cases, a felony conviction can even be punished by death. Pennsylvania separates felonies into three different degrees: first, second, and third. First-degree felonies are the most serious offenses, while third-degree offenses are considered the least serious felonies.

    Also, some Pennsylvania felonies are specifically not included in the degree categories. They are called non-categorized crimes.

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    A sex offender listing is a registry of persons who were convicted of committing a sex crime that is often accessible by the public. In most cases, jurisdictions compile their laws into sections, such as traffic, assault and sexual. Judges are given discretion as to whether they require registration for crimes besides the charges listed under the sex offender registration law: A judge may order an adult to register as a sex offender if the crime they were convicted of involves sexual motivation.

    A serious traffic violation tends to involve willful disregard for public safety, death, serious bodily injury, damage to property and multiple minor traffic violations. In Pennsylvania, traffic ticket fines, surcharges, and court fees are consistent throughout the state.

    Montgomery County Warrant Search (Pennsylvania)

    This can result in an increase in car insurance premiums and the suspension, revocation, or cancellation of a driver's license. A conviction record is an official document providing information that a person was found guilty, pleaded guilty or pleaded nolo contendere against criminal charges in a civilian or military court. The criminal charges can be classified as a felony, misdemeanor or other offense. Conviction also includes when a person has been judged delinquent, has been less than honorably discharged or has been placed on probation, fined, imprisoned or paroled. A criminal conviction is rendered by either a jury of peers or a judge in a court of law.

    Fortunately, there are ways to avoid serious consequences if you are facing a bench warrant for missing a court date or other hearing. Any individual with an active bench warrant should immediately take the appropriate steps to clear the warrant by surrendering to law enforcement officials with the assistance of a criminal defense attorney, if that is possible. I can explain the legal process to rescind the warrant and minimize the chances that you will be detained by the bench warrant judge after the hearing.

    Individuals who voluntarily appear in court to resolve an active bench warrant will often receive better outcomes than those who appear before the warrant judge after they have been arrested and detained. In most cases, the warrant judge will be less likely to incarcerate individuals who have appeared in court to resolve his or her existing bench warrant.

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    Contact me if you or your loved one has an active bench warrant for failing to appear for a court hearing. I will carefully examine the circumstances that led to the issuance of the bench warrant in your case to develop an effective defense at the bench warrant hearing. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid serious consequences if a bench warrant has been issued in your name. In some cases, I have been able to convince the warrant judge to agree to rescind the warrant by demonstrating that the reason that the individual identified on the warrant missed the court date or hearing was unintentional or unavoidable.

    It is often possible to prove that the individual named on the warrant never received proper notice of the court date or hearing from the court, district attorney or other agency. There are many times when an individual may not be able to appear in court due to a medical emergency or due to a lack of transportation. In other cases, an individual may be unable to attend a court hearing because they are receiving vital substance abuse or mental health treatment. I can advise you of the most effective way to present this information to the bench warrant judge to ensure that you have the best chance of being released from custody.

    I have extensive experience in effectively presenting this type of information at the bench warrant hearing. If you are the subject of an active bench warrant in Bucks County, Montgomery County or the surrounding counties, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.