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Interact seamlessly with partners to improve job management and customer service. My Trucking replaces paper-based systems with powerful, cloud-based job management software. They make it easy for operators to move away from paper, streamlining the process for dispatchers, drivers and accounts. It targets small to medium transport businesses. Together, EROAD and My Trucking will help you improve cashflow, deliver better service to your customers, and run a more efficient business.

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Want to know more? Our customers rely on the accurate and reliable information our platform delivers to their fingertips. They use this data to make decisions that make their business run faster, safer and more successfully. Civil and construction GPS solutions. Utilisation Toolkit Knowing where your assets are and what they are doing is the first step.

The report lets you determine target running hours and then report on exceptions to this KPI. Simplifying Compliance A solution for tax, regulatory and health and safety management including electronic FBT, vehicle servicing and compliance. Easy logbook capture of trip purpose for your drivers, as our EROAD system automatically records all other required trip details.

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Headline metrics that help fleet and operations managers select a representative week period to accurately show the business usage of the vehicles in your fleet and, that allow them to monitor business vs private usage. Largely automated record keeping stored for the requisite period and quick to audit.

Accurate Data and Insights Maximise asset performance with accurate and insightful reporting, including industry benchmarking, through a single source of truth. Driver Insight A summary of smart, driver-specific feedback, this report highlights specific areas for improvement and key messages, making it easy to empower your drivers to adopt safe driving habits.

You can create geofences around your key high-risk areas such as customer sites, loading zones and schools and set specific limits. Over Speed Dashboard Over Speed Dashboard provides a record of vehicle speeding events that exceed posted speed limits.

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Vehicle tracking system

It presents an overview of the speeding behaviour across your fleet, including trends, and enables you to focus on individual speeding events. Max Speed Alert Take swift action to address excessive speed, protecting your business, your drivers and the public. Max Speed Alert provides in-cab speeding notifications to help you meet health and safety compliance, avoid the costly impact of an on-road incident and support driver training and incentive programmes.

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  • Trip Investigator Improve fatigue management with Trip Investigator. It shows you exactly where your vehicles have travelled the previous day or week, and allows you to identify excessively long trips and after-hours travel.

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    Our tracking systems come guaranteed, warrantied, fully tested, certified and activated, so you can start tracking your fleet immediately. We will help you choose the right system for your business. Skip to main content. Support Login Request a Demo. GPS Tracking Devices.

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    Why we are better. View Video below. Focused on Small to Medium-sized businesses Pay only for the features you need and use. Request a Quote.

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    Request a Demo. Get A Free Quote Name. Crash detection is available to instantly alert you, or a list of individuals the moment a collision occurs. Our optional eCAll service can also alert an emergency response call center instantly, giving them location and crash severity information. Improve driver safety and performance with detailed monitoring. Automatically track harsh driving events, phone usage while driving, and speeding over the posted speed limit.

    Help drivers improve their driving habits, increase safety and reduce wear and tear on your vehicles. Flexible system access controls allow you to set up accounts for a wide variety of users. Users can be limited to only seeing certain portions of the system, specific vehicles or groups of vehicles. The system will automatically track all miles driven, by IFTA jurisdiction. The system will automatically update with current tax rates and even allow you to upload fuel purchases. The result is a simplified report that takes all of the tedious calculations out of your fuel tax return.

    Actual vehicle odometer or hour meter values are automatically transmitted into the system allowing you to stay on top of vehicle maintenance and utilization. Just about every bit of data collected and processed by Modus Telematics is accessible via our extensive API layer in real-time.