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He joined another carnival and in the interim married for a second time. The marriage ended after two weeks.

The Hall Mills Murders & Serial Killer Pee Wee Gaskins

Gaskins went to the jail with bail money and cigarettes in hand. When he returned to the hotel, Gates and his car were gone. Gates never returned but the police did and Gaskins discovered that he had been duped. It did not take long for police to find out Gaskins was also an escaped convict and he was returned to prison. This time he received an additional nine months in jail for aiding an escape and for knifing a fellow prisoner. Later he was convicted of driving a stolen car across state lines and received three years in a federal prison in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gaskins was released from prison in August He returned to Florence, SC and got a job working in the tobacco sheds but was unable to stay out of trouble. Soon he was back to burglarizing homes. This time he made more of an effort to avoid arrest by taking a job with a traveling minister.

He worked as his driver and general assistant. This allowed him the opportunity to break into homes in different towns where the group preached, making his crimes harder to trace. In , Gaskin married a third time but this did not stop his criminal behavior. He was arrested for statutory rape of a twelve-year-old girl but managed to escape, this time traveling to North Carolina in a stolen Florence County car. There he met another year-old and married for a fourth time. She ended up turning him into the police and Gaskin was convicted of statutory rape.

He received six years at the Columbia penitentiary and was paroled in November , vowing never to return. He found little relief from the feelings until September , when he picked up a female hitchhiker in North Carolina. Gaskins became angry with the young girl for laughing at him when he propositioned her for sex. He beat her until she was unconscious then raped, sodomized, and tortured her then sunk her weighted body into a swamp where she drowned.

He finally discovered how to satisfy them and from that point on, it was the driving force in his life. He worked on mastering his skill of torture, often keeping his mutilated victims alive for days. He sometimes cannibalized their severed parts while they watched in horror or forced them to participate in the eating.

Although Gaskins preferred female victims it did not stop him from doing the same to males he happened upon.

Victims of his serious murders included his year-old niece, Janice Kirby, and her friend, Patricia Alsobrook. In November , he offered the two girls a ride home from a bar and instead drove them to an abandoned house. There he raped, beat, and drowned the girls in separate locations. His next serious murder was of Martha Dicks, a year-old who was attracted to Gaskins and hung around him at his part-time job at a car repair shop.

She was also the first African American that he killed. In , Gaskins purchased an old hearse, telling people at his favorite bar that he needed the vehicle to haul all the people he killed to his private cemetery. At this time he was living in Prospect, South Carolina with his wife and child. Around town he had a reputation for being explosive, but not truly dangerous. People just thought he was mentally disturbed and most tried to avoid being around him.

Some actually liked him and considered him a friend.

Serial Killer Donald 'Pee Wee' Gaskins

One of those people was year-old Doreen Dempsey. Doreen, an unwed mother of a two-year-old baby girl, and pregnant with a second child, decided to leave the area and accepted a ride to the bus station from her old friend Gaskins. Instead, Gaskins took her to a wooded area, raped and killed her, then raped and sodomized her baby.

After killing the child he buried the two together. The rape of the child would later be described by Gaskins as the best sex of his life. In , Gaskins who was now 42 years old and a grandfather had been steadily killing for six years. His ability to get away with it was mainly because he never involved anyone else in his highway murders.

This changed in after Gaskins murdered three people whose van had broken down on the highway. Suzanne Kipper, an angry ex-girlfriend, hired Gaskins to do the job. John Powell and John Owens handled all correspondence between Kipper and Gaskins in arranging the murder.

Effingham County Child Murders: Cousin recounts history of violence

Diane Neely who claimed to have car problems lured Yates out of his home on Feb. They too were quickly disposed of by Gaskins after they agreed to meet him for the payoff. In the meantime, Gaskins was busy killing and torturing other people he knew, including a year-old, Kim Ghelkins, who sexually rejected him. Gaskins obviously took Neely in as a trusted friend, a fact proven when he pointed out to Neely the graves of the other locals who he had murdered and buried there.

The investigation into the disappearance of Kim Ghelkins was turning up enough leads that pointed the finger at Gaskins. After a search of Gaskins apartment uncovered clothing worn by Ghelkins, Gaskins was indited for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

2. The origin of his nickname

While awaiting trial in prison, Walter Neely broke down under police pressure and showed authorties Gaskins personal cemetary. On April 27, , Gaskins and Walter Neely were charged with eight counts of murder. He later confessed to the additional seven murders to avoid additional death sentences. In November , his sentence was commuted to life with seven consecutive life terms, after the U.

Supreme Court ruled the death penalty unconstituional. In prison, he enjoyed the grandiose treatment he received from other inmates because of his infamous reputation. The death penalty was made legal again in South Carolina in This meant little to Gaskins until he was caught, tried and found guilty for the murder of prisoner, Rudolph Tyner, for money. Again, he received a death sentence. In an attempt to stay out of the electric chair, Gaskins began confessing to other murders, which if true, would make him the worst killer in the history of South Carolina. One crime he admitted to was that of year-old Peggy Cuttino, daughter of a prominent family.

Prosecutors had already prosecuted William Pierce for the crime and sentenced him to life in prison. During the last months of his life, Gaskins spent time working with author Wilton Earl on his book, Final Truth which was published in The closer his execution became the more philosophical he got while dictating his memoirs into a tape recorder.

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The Meanest Man in America - Serial Killer Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins

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Donald 'Pee Wee' Gaskins - The Meanest Man in America - Crime Weekly

All Episodes A profile of Pee Wee Gaskins, a bullied, prison-raped male who overcame his short stature by becoming a notorious serial killer whom everyone feared. Director: Neil Edwards. Stars: Christopher Slade , William C.

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