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In , duties of the District Ordinaries transferred to county courts.

Within a year of the abolishing of county courts in , the S. General Assembly created 24 circuit court districts and appointed Ordinaries in The S. Constitution of replaced the Court of the Ordinary with the Probate Court.

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Changes to the S. Constitution in required the Probate Court to be dependent on the General Assembly for funding and legal procedures.

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Probate Judge Sheriff Treasurer. Capital Improvement Plan Capital Projects. Tourism Website Calendar of Events Attractions. Pickens County Probate Court is dedicated to providing the citizens of the county, personal service with the compassion, fairness, and professionalism that they deserve.

In addition, we want to continue to prepare and safeguard complete and accurate records for the future.

Marriage Licenses in South Carolina

A: The root of the word Probate is "to prove. Informal Probate admits the will as valid without a hearing. Formal Probate requires a hearing to confirm the validity of the will. A: If a person dies owning any assets that need to be administered, you will need to contact Probate Court. A: When someone dies without a will, his or her estate is called "intestate". In this case, the law determines who inherits and who can be appointed the personal representative informally. A: If the deceased was a permanent resident of Pickens County, was a non-resident holding property in Pickens County, or had a right to take legal action in the county, the estate must be processed through Pickens County Probate Court.

Probate Court | Jasper County, SC

A: You may use the assistance of an attorney to probate informally or you may complete the paper work yourself and meet with the Judge acting as your own attorney. In discharging the duties and functions of the Court, the Probate Judge and Court staff strive always to render courteous and effective public service, in a professional manner befitting a judicial agency, and sensitive to the "human equation" with respect to those individuals having business with the Court.

Court services are rendered fairly, impartially and equitably without regard to race, creed, color, or gender, and focused on the fact that our nation is based on a "Rule of Law" -- not a rule of individuals. Jasper County Probate Court seeks to perform its missions in a manner that does honor and justice to the citizens of Jasper County and its leaders, as well as to our state and federal court systems, and places our Court in the forefront of favorable opinion with respect to the administration of our agency and meaningful service to the public.

Its credo is professional public service with civility, in a "user-friendly" mode.