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I'm actually much faster on the iPhone than I was on any other phone , qwerty keyboard or not. This takes some getting used to because, by instinct, you want to backspace over your mistake and correct it.

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There are no new hardware announcements expected until at least fall. Alright so just got off the phone with him. Re: Avant1. You won't need one, service is tracked by the serial number. Go with the curve 2. I love mine. The iPhone is also cool.

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Definitely dont get the BJ2. Originally Posted by offfthaheeezay. Quote, originally posted by Avant1. So is video recording, and camera apps.


I know "office" will make an appearance, as it will make the treos, BB, and any other PDA phone look like a pager. I know I've read somewhere that "office" may make an appearance, as it will make the treos, BB, and any other PDA phone look like a pager. Gentlemen, you had my curiosity. But now you have my attention. As far as functionality goes, it beats the Iphone hands down. If you want flash and be known for 'The Iphone Guy,' then by all means get the Iphone. The Tilt can do just so many more things. It can use Skype, GPS onboard allows you to use any type of map program you want.

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I've got my GF's phone loaded with TomTom 6, so she can travel anywhere in the states and not get lost. She's got this other program called Tracky Pro which can store google satellite photo maps onto an expansion Micro SD card so you can have your whole town on your phone without having to connect to the internet!

Not to mention the thousands of other apps to use for the Windows Mobile 6 platform, it's even possible to view a webcam that is hooked up to your house and look at it through your PDA phone. I'm not sure you can do that with the Iphone yet. The Iphone will definitely give you better video, though. The Tilt can view webpages like the Iphone does with an app from Opera. There's even a program you can download that will make it look and function like the HTC Touch or the Iphone itself lookswise, not functionwise. I hope I gave you food for thought!

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The tilt certainly has the entire package functionality wise, but usability isn't the greatest. WM6 is still slow, the phone is huge, the display is far inferior to the iPhone.

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Opera mini is OK but has a long way to go before it can be compared to the iPhone browser. Omnia i has no GPS software provided by Samsung.. OP Member. Junior Member. Join Date: Joined: Apr English version is available. Join Date: Joined: Feb I second the Garmin XT. Fantastic program.

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But yes it costs about 70 bucks. Omnia II doesn't come with one pre-installed by itself, however. Join Date: Joined: Jun Join Date: Joined: Mar Same as levytv I have googlemaps 4 on my i and it is free. Locks onto the satilite in under a minute to within 10to 20 meters and that is in the house.

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