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The new jail website is improved. To find out if a detainee is on the release list and what time they will be released click this link here. Linda Shelton, Harold Wallace, reignmaker , and 4 others are discussing.

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Toggle Comments. Hi Linda; I enjoy your blog but I have one point to make.

You do not HAVE to do 61 days. If you have a year incarcerated, jail, electronic monitoring and are sentenced to years IDOC, you will receive a dress in, dress out. It just burns me up when people are told that they must do 61 days no matter what. Thanks for information — keep it coming — the jails and prisons are very close mouthed and secretive,; that is why they get away with such abuses. I think the 61days is if you havent completed your time in jail.

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He has not been assigned a cell yet. I pposted bond at pm friday and they said that they bring him i said okay how long but here is sunday i havent heard anything and on top he had court friday at 12 but they told me at 1 o clock crazy stuff.. Sorry, but I am not connected with Cook County Jail. Contact us: Main Phone Number: Look at these phone numbers try calling electronic monitoring if that is the case or the Administrative office or social workers during business hours. NO not as far as I recall but who knows, that may have changed, but unlikely as they like to conserve money.

My boyfriend went to jail the other day for domestic got out on a ibond and went back the same day for violating probation, what are his chances in court? Who knows! Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Young healthy men who are first time felony offenders may be sentenced to the Cook County Jail Book Camp which is now a 6 mo sentence of hard labor demolishing abandoned condemned homes with education such as drug abuse prevention, GED, etc plus 8 mo supervised release where convict must work for free 3 days per week doing?.

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This sentence would be in lieu of prison time at the Illinois Dept of Corrections penitentiaries. If the inmate does not comply he can be resentenced to prison. The military type boot camp was abandoned as it did not make them do useful work, did not train them for jobs, and the military did not want to enlist graduates. Linda Shelton, Shrday Pleasant, April, and 7 others are discussing. I have no idea what you are talking about.

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What is Jefferson Co General. This site is about Cook County Jail. Do I count by his booking date? Please help. If other State does not pick him up 30 days after his court date where judge granted extradiction request made by warrant then he must be released. If he is in jail on a cook co charge he stays there until he bonds out or case resolved.

If held on warrant other county or state has 30 days to pick him up after his first court appearance on the warrant or until after his cook county case is resolved and then he has court appearance on the warrant issue and then they have 30 days from the court appearance to pick him up. Hello Linda. My husband was arrested after trial. If he was out on bond before. He isnt able to get another one? Is it because he is required to serve the time he was given? He is retired military and the judge said that all he needed was to supply his retirement paperwork at the next hearing and they would knock his charges down to class 4 from class 3 and give him a 1 year 1day sentence.

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If he did this, would he just have to serve the remaining 5 months of the sentence? I appreciate any help. He should ask attorney to make sure his request for out of state parole noted on sentence order. Hi I need an please….

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Thanks for any answers. When they are in divison 15 does that mean they will be relased on house arrest or will be transffered to the penetreties? They R only going to penitentiary if found guilty. Electronic monitoring is pre-trial in lieu of remaining in jail pre-trial. I believe div 15 is meant for those on electronic monitoring, but it may include others or I may be wrong. My boyfriend is in division 15 at cook county jail. Does this mean he will be released on house arrest? My boyfriend is in Vandalia correctional facility and he is serving nine months, in which he has 3 months to go ,, for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon with no other priors but yesterday we just received Parole papers from the prison.

Does this mean he could be coming home early. I have no idea. I do not work for the state or IDOC.

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Nor do I have contact with officials. He should talk with his social worker if he is uncertain of his out date. There are time limitations to collecting the small awards given to those detainees affected. The jail sent notices to the detainees last known addresses. If you moved and did not receive it, then they are not liable.

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Anyways, the time limit for collecting on these class action suits has passed. You are too late.


California, Chicago at 10 AM. COME TO COURT and stand-up for an activist under siege from false charges and defamation of character meant to shut her up, who has been working behind the scenes to expose judicial, prosecutorial, and police misconduct in the Chicago area for 15 years. Shelton is a behind the scenes activist for court reform, civil rights, and rights of minorities, poor, and disabled.

California, Chicago at 10 AM and stand-up for her to show support for her fight against false arrest and abuse of minorities, poor, and disabled; against extortion of defendants by State charging exorbitant fees for processing bail bond; and against false arrest, malicious prosecution, and biased profiling of citizens. She has filed a motion to clarify the order and follow higher court precedent and declare that there is no reason to delay appeal of this order. Cook County Chicago courts are full of false charges, malicious prosecutions of poor, disabled, minorities, and whistle blowers, as well as run by incompetent, corrupt, and bribed judges and attorneys.

Judge Porter dismissed the involuntary manslaughter charge stating that the act was murder as he willfully fired into a crowd of people and dismissed the involuntary manslaughter charge. Officer Servin was off duty on the night of March 21, , when he got into a verbal altercation over loud music with a group of people gathered in a West Side alley. He said he felt in fear for his life when he fired over his shoulder into the crowd. One of the shots killed bystander Rekia Boyd, This brings a sentence of years in prison if convicted.

Yet, the State through the court disability coordinator knew before the court date that I have multiple physical disabilities and use a walker —. Come to court and stand in gallery to show support for Dr.