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Be a legally appointed guardian of the person named on the certificate. Be a solicitor acting for the person names on the certificate or require the certificate for a legal purpose. For more information see Factsheet for applications by solicitors - PDF Commemorative birth certificates We offer a range of commemorative birth certificates to celebrate a new birth or one from years ago.

Our commemorative designs embody contemporary Australia, capturing this special moment in a lasting way. To view our latest designs see Commemorative birth certificates. Priority processing is not available for a certificate for a new birth or for commemoratives. Identification You must provide at least three forms of current ID, one of each from categories 1, 2 and 3.

At least two of these must be from category 3. For detailed information about certificate turnaround time see Processing times. Birth certificates Home Birth registration and birth certificates report html version 4. Birth certificates. Table of contents Current law Current practice Community responses Footnotes. Birth notification 3.

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Birth registration 4. Birth certificates 5. Fees 6. Vulnerable groups 7. It is a document of the birth record and cannot be issued without the birth first being registered. Two of the objectives of the Registry are to provide for: access to information in the registers in appropriate cases by government, private agencies and members of the public, from within and outside the State; 1 and the issue of certified and uncertified information from the registers.

Further discussion on fees in Victoria and other jurisdictions is contained in Chapter 5. The Registrar must provide a copy of the statement to any person on request. The process for obtaining a certificate will differ depending on whether the application is made: at the same time as the birth registration statement is processed after the birth has been registered, but before the child turns 18 when the applicant is an adult over 18 years of age.


Essentially two types of birth certificate application are discussed in this chapter: the Part 2 application at the time the birth registration statement is submitted Appendix C , and the birth certificate application form used in any other circumstance Appendix D. The types of certificate available at the time of registration include: a standard birth certificate to be used as proof of identity an abridged certificate a commemorative certificate. An application for a commemorative birth certificate can be made at the time of the birth registration and a standard certificate is issued at no cost.

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If a commemorative certificate is applied for at a later time, the same fee applies but no standard certificate is issued. Other types of birth certificate are also available but are not within the scope of this review. The standard certificate is available separately and is the only version that is certified and therefore useful for identification purposes. The standard and commemorative certificates are available as a package for a prescribed fee Appendix E. However, they are no longer issued, as they are not considered an acceptable form of identification by other authorities.

Those cards already issued remain valid until their expiry date.

4. Birth certificates

The cards carried the same information as a birth extract, along with a photograph and signature of the holder. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Commonwealth notes that birth cards still in circulation should not be accepted after 1 August The Registry has informed the Commission that where the Registry: detects a pattern of frequently requested certificates or an external agency Passport office, police or other enforcement agency advises that the certificate is lost or stolen, the Registry places an alert on the record and refers the matter to its Identity Security Unit for further investigation.

No figures are available for how often confirmation requests are made. The application form further notes that: If you do not provide all of the information requested, particularly that relating to the reason the document is required and your relationship to the registered person, then you may not be provided with a certified copy of the certificate. At present individuals are unable to search the Register online. This discussion would also be relevant to a person seeking to establish whether they were registered, as this is essentially the first stage of an application for a birth certificate.

Verifying registration to a third party 4. The Commission is unaware of whether a fee is charged for this service. The Commission has been advised that the Registry receives several requests each week for this type of confirmation, generally from agencies such as Centrelink, rather than from individuals.

Where a child is registered without an application being made for a birth certificate, there is no fee payable and hence no fee receipt. A person may wish to have a confirmation of registration without paying a fee to obtain a new birth certificate if the certificate has been lost or stolen.

Similarly, where the birth certificate is temporarily unavailable, for example, in a domestic violence situation where one parent may be forced to flee without taking personal documents.

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Given that this is a rare event, the Commission considers that there would be minimal resourcing implications for the Registry to provide the applicant with automatic confirmation of receipt of the registration application at the time of registration. It may be possible, for instance, for an individual to go online, and confirm their birth registration.

Recommendation 8 Where the applicant is not an eligible beneficiary, the Registrar should issue an automatic confirmation of registration to the applicant, upon processing a birth registration statement, if no accompanying application for a birth certificate is received. Recommendation 9 The Registrar should consider improving the presentation of the proof of identity section of its application for a birth certificate.

A Birth Certificate can refer to either an original document or a certified copy issued by an Australian State or Territory. Please note that 'extracts' of birth certificates will not be accepted, original birth certificates only.

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State is the state or territory in which the birth was registered. When the state or territory is selected, a sample of the birth certificate for that state or territory will appear on the page. Registration Number is a unique number.

Birth Certificate

Its location differs on each state and territory certificate. Date Printed is the date that the Birth Certificate was printed. Not all birth certificates have this information. The fields marked in red on all certificates are mandatory. All certificates also require that the state is identified when inputting into the DVS. While this general rule will cover the majority of certificates, please take into consideration the following formatting for Northern Territory Birth Certificates:.

Ensure any alpha suffix is excluded. Note: the registration number would normally appear on the top right hand corner where the number 28 appears on these certificates. All certificates require that the state is identified when inputting into the DVS. The registration number will be validated from birth certificates where the date of registration is greater or equal to 1 July For all Certificates from 1 July to 1 July the query terms that will be validating against are:.

Since , births registered before have been progressively converted into electronic format. The look of a certificate of birth before will differ according to whether it was issued from the original, paper-based record before the conversion to electronic format or if it was computer-generated from the converted record.

The Districts are in alphabetical order.