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Flying shrapnel injured her throat and vocal cords. If you or a loved one has suffered injury from a defective car part, whether it be a defective airbag, defective seatbelt, or any other car defect, our attorneys may be able to help. Call the experienced products liability attorneys at The Reiff Law Firm today for help with your Pennsylvania personal injury case.

These airbags have been responsible for numerous fatalities across the country because they explode, rather than simply inflating the airbag during a car accident. These explosions have been known to cause metal shrapnel to fly out from the airbag apparatus and injure drivers and passengers. These defects have typically been a problem in humid climates. This recent airbag explosion is interesting, since it happened in Las Vegas — an area known for being notoriously dry in climate.

Used cars from this era may still have Takata airbags that were never replaced during recalls. Alternatively, as AP news points out in its article, airbags and other parts may be reclaimed from wrecked or dismantled cars. It is perfectly legal in many states to salvage parts from disabled or wrecked vehicles.

These parts can be sold and put into used cars. Other times, these parts may be from stolen cars dismantled in chop shops. If you are driving a car from to , it may be worth investigating whether it uses a Takata airbag. Especially if you never had a recall serviced on your vehicle, or you had your airbag replaced after an accident, your airbag could be a second-hand, defective airbag.

Takata has already been held responsible numerous times for death and injuries from its faulty airbag inflators. The Vibes in this action, from the — model years, are being recalled for their passenger-side airbags. The and model years previously had not been affected. The woman who died was involved in a crash last August in Los Angeles; she was driving a rented Civic.

Those figures may still not be entirely accurate, however. Takata has been supplying the industry at large with a major portion of the required replacement airbags thus far.

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FCA senior vice president Scott Kunselman said during the hearing that his company would only use replacement airbags from TRW and is confident that customers will not need to return for subsequent repairs. Following up on news that we first covered on June 12, Honda has restated its operating profit for last year after taking into account costs associated with repairing vehicles fitted with potentially defective Takata-supplied airbags. Read our analysis here. None of this newest batch were sold in North America; more than one-third are in Japan.

This latest recall expands upon a mid-May recall of 4. Prior to this action, no Challengers had been recalled for this issue. Also, a direct-mail campaign will target 85 percent of the U. No one in the vehicle was hurt.

From the beginning, Takata had agreed to let its competitors produce replacement parts alongside its own. Toyota has about 12 million cars affected worldwide. The most recent figure that the government agency is reporting is NHTSA had been saying that 34 million defective inflators were in some 30 million cars and trucks here in America. This process is intended to produce solutions for the prioritization, organization, and phasing of remedy programs, and to appropriately address the multitude of factors contributing to the complexity of these recall programs.

Unlike these GM products, all of the vehicles currently noted below are being recalled for front airbags, and nearly all of them are from the model year or prior. Also, NHTSA is planning to disclose more details—including additional manufacturers subject to the recalls beyond the current eleven—during a hearing on October Nationwide, only Some inflators have been replaced with newer, but still at-risk, identical components.

Of the , removed inflators that Takata has tested , have ruptured. In general, the older the vehicle and the more humid the environment, the higher the priority that the airbag inflator s be replaced. VW is currently unaffected by these extensive recalls, but as we noted in August, a Tiguan experienced a side-airbag rupture.

All told, U.

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According to Automotive News , Mitsubishi and Subaru also are considering dropping the airbag supplier. Ford is the first non-Japanese company to take this step. The fatal July crash occurred in a Honda Accord. Although the crash happened in Pennsylvania, the car had spent several years in the humid Gulf region. The Honda and Mazda models and model years are already reflected on the list below. His death marks the first of nine in the United States and ten worldwide that have not occurred in a Honda vehicle.

In the wake of this news, U. Audi and Mercedes-Benz products will be included on the list below for the first time. These trucks had already been recalled for their passenger-side airbags. All — Rangers built in North America are part of this recall. An American Honda spokesman told the Associated Press that the driver was likely killed by other injuries sustained in the high-speed crash and not those inflicted by the defective airbag s.

The B-series is a rebadged Ford Ranger, and this recall expansion mirrors the one we described on January 26 for the Ranger. Some 19, Mazda trucks are affected in the U. These B-series models had previously been recalled for their passenger-side airbags. The up-to-date list of Mazdas is below; many have recalls outstanding for multiple airbags. The aforementioned vehicles have not yet been added to our list below because the news is not yet official. These vehicles have been added to our list below.

Older vehicles and those in high-humidity locales will be given priority for the replacement parts. These recalls are in addition to the 6. Takata says this recall is limited only to inflators manufactured between December 13 and 14, A total of Volkswagen and General Motors vehicles from the model year are equipped with these inflators. The newly recalled vans are — Sprinters with Dodge, Freightliner, or Mercedes badges. Some — Sprinters had been added to the recall in June The Audi recall covers , vehicles from model years through The Audis involved are: — A3, — A4 cabriolet, — Q5, and — A5 cabriolet.

The BMWs involved are: — 3-series sedan and M3, — 3-series wagon, — 3-series and M3 coupe and convertible, — X3, — X5, — 1-series coupe and convertible, — X6, and — X1. The Volkswagen-branded vehicles, numbering ,, are from through They are detailed in an update to this story that we published earlier this week. Also new to the list below is the — Chrysler Crossfire, which was based on a Mercedes-Benz.

A total of Crossfires have been recalled.

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The cars involved are: — Saab , — Saab , and — Saturn Astra. These vehicles—numbering , in the U. That could bring the total of recalled Takata airbag inflators containing ammonium nitrate to as high as million.

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Some cars have more than one recalled airbag, so the overall vehicle total would be lower. Earlier model years of these vehicles were already included in this recall. That was after the company first recalled a small population of cars in after defective Takata airbag inflators in Honda models were linked to four injuries and one death.

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The revised inflators, which Honda began installing in , have four additional holes to vent gas so that if the inflators rupture, the metal enclosure is less likely to break apart and become shrapnel. Takata is facing a bevy of lawsuits, some of which are being consolidated in a federal court in Miami. Much worse, however, are the recalls themselves.

Using those numbers, Reuters pegs the repair rate at about 25 percent , using a baseline of 29 million defective inflators. Honda has the highest completion rate, at 54 percent, but several carmakers have rates of less than 20 percent. Her throat was lacerated by the airbag inflator and a witness described her collapsing after exiting her car. Hanif is the 11th Takata-related death worldwide, the 10th in the U.

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Of that 85 million, Both cars, which were not sold in the U. All of the inflators in question are non-desiccated, which means they do not have a drying agent to compensate for humidity. Takata now has to prove that the desiccated inflators are safe or else it will be forced to recall those, as well.

The recall, which will be conducted in phases, is expected to last until December Exact car models have not been identified. Blumenthal and Markey have repeatedly called on NHTSA to recall every airbag inflator with ammonium nitrate, although the agency is allowing Takata up to three years to prove they are safe.

How many of those vehicles will be in the United States is unclear at this point, according to the New York Times , which attributes this information to Honda vice president Tetsuo Iwamura. To do that, NHTSA has separated the country into three humidity zones and is prioritizing repairs to vehicles registered in states with the highest humidity. Many car owners will have to wait more than two years before they know their airbags are defective.

They have been added to the list below.

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This is the first time Ferrari has been involved with this defect. The — California and — Italia are included. Fiat Chrysler is recalling 4,, cars as part of the expanded Takata passenger-side airbag recalls. Mazda is recalling , cars as part of the expanded Takata passenger-side airbag recalls. Mitsubishi is recalling 38, cars as part of the expanded Takata passenger-side airbag recalls. Newly added models include the Lancer and Lancer Evolution.