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In Louisiana, an individual is not liable for fees over and above the community assets; the community is held liable for the counsel fees. If, for any reason, the community assets have been dissolved, the court has no authority to award a counsel fee on the party's separate estate.

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Counsel fees in this jurisdiction are considered community debts in a divorce proceeding. Unlike Louisiana courts, depending upon the financial situation, counsel fees in Texas are paid from the opposing spouse's separate property or from that spouse's interest in the community estate.

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This empowers the court to divide the party's estate in a just and equitable way, with due regard to each party and the children. Counsel fees are one of the major factors considered by a court in making an equitable division of the estate. Texas courts do not apply the rule that community has the most important obligation to pay for the necessaries expenses and the parties' separate estates are taken only in cases of non-available community funds. In Texas, counsel fees are awarded on the principles of equity and not from the community estate as a community debt.

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Under exceptional circumstances, if the community is small attorney's fees will be awarded from the other party's separate estate. Attorney's fee awards in California are viewed as an independent issue from the division of the divorcing parties' community estate.

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Instead, in California, fees become a community debt for which each party is equally liable. California differs from other community property states by awarding both parties fees from the community property. California courts have taken the position of treating both men and women alike, which means that the same factors will be considered in awarding counsel fees to both of the divorcing parties.

Upon mutual consent, a husband and wife undergoing a divorce can request the court to consider their liabilities as community debts.

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In a divorce proceeding in a community property state, the court may order counsel fees to be paid by either of the spouses only when it is shown that the recipient-spouse is in financial need and the payor-spouse has the capacity to pay the fees. Please enter a valid email address.

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Clarksville Office Wilma Rudolph Blvd. Clarksville Office Ft. About half of family law attorneys offer free consultations, typically for 30 minutes.

To get some answers to that question, we compiled and analyzed data reported by thousands of attorneys across the United States who focus their practice on divorce and family law. Family lawyers almost always bill by the hour, usually in smaller increments such as 6 or 15 minutes. Individual attorneys may vary the rates they charge, depending on the clients and the type of services being provided. For instance, some divorce lawyers charge a higher hourly rate for their trial work including preparing for trial than for the rest of their other work in divorce cases.

These numbers are in line with the results of our separate survey of readers who had recently been through a divorce—including both the hourly rates and total fees they paid their divorce lawyers. Of course, those are simply averages across the United States. There are several reasons you may be quoted fees outside of that range, including the following:.


How Much Will My Divorce Cost and How Long Will It Take?

Some lawyers charge for a first meeting —but not all of them. Here again, however, there are regional differences.

Lawyers in different states and metropolitan areas report varying policies on charging for initial meetings.